Home Services

Meal Preparation Following Special Dietary Needs

Meal preparation and feeding may add stress to the client with age-related or physical/mental impairment.  BIHS staff are good cooks, and we ensure that our clients comply with their prescribed diets. With BIHS, meal time will be healthy, satisfying, and an enjoyable social activity.

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Many in-home care providers simply offer medical services, but we extend the service by offering a variety of different household chores such as bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, bed making, and organizing.


Everyone knows that laundry can be a major burden, and we want to lift this burden off of our clients. We will wash and dry, fold, and hang all of your clothes for you.

Transportation, Errands, and Shopping

Our care givers enjoy providing transportation to our clients, and if need be, escorting them while grocery shopping, and on various other appointments. Our goal is not only to be punctual and efficient, but also to help our clients enjoy these outings.

House Sitting

Sometimes our clients are in the hospital for extended periods of time, and other times, their families take them on vacation. Whatever the case might be, we'll be sure to water your plants and pick up your mail while you're away.

Pet Care

Many studies have shown that pets can extend the lifespan of their owners, and keep them in good spirits when they're lonely or ill. That's part of the reason why we care so much about the well-being of our clients' pets. We offer walking, feeding, and waste management services their pets - we want to get to know them, just as much as we want to get to know you.