Alzheimer's Care

(provided only in the State of IL)

Since the most appropriate environment for someone with memory loss is familiar surroundings, it only makes sense to care for those with Alzheimer's and dementia in their own homes. Unfortunately, we see an increase in these conditions today, and we have personalized our care to help you and your family member thrive and survive. Memory care is a specialty, and our knowledge of how to treat and cope with it, ensures an experience that will be truly beneficial for the client and family.

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Today, over 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. No one should have to face Alzheimer’s alone, and that includes family members. Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s or other dementia is difficult and can create unnecessary stress on the part of the family. An intervention such as in-home care can make the difference for you and your loved one. We know the importance of daily routines and a structured schedule to relieve caregiver stress and help our clients maintain their abilities. Let BIHS help you to help your loved one.

BIHS's skilled and attentive care givers focus on many key factors in Alzheimer’s and dementia care which include, but are not limited to maintaining a safe living environment, offering nutritional support, mind stimulation, management of changes in behavior, as well as the supervision of daily activities. One of the most vital aspects in this type of care is helping our memory loss loved ones take part in enriching social interaction. This might be something as simple as listening to music together, going on a long walk, or a taking them for a car ride.

Whether your loved one has been diagnosed with one of these memory loss conditions, or you're seeking more information, we encourage you to visit, to learn how we can better assist your family member.